Student beings, being students

Made in collaboration with first year photography students, these images were made in two stages: after each student was photographed, they were given their portrait as a template and asked to decorate it with their thoughts, images or patterns. Both portrait and art was then scanned and digitally combined.

These portraits were made on colour transparency film using a large format camera, and were some of the last colour trannies to be commercially processed in South Africa.

The Large format camera is not typically associated with portraiture (though some giants in the world of photographic portraiture used them extensively), mostly because of the slowness of the process and the fact that very few images can be made in any one sitting. This nature of the process does, however, seem to bring about a certain degree of relaxation on the part of the subject, and in some cases allows a glimpse at a more natural, unguarded version of the person in front of the lens.