Eugene van der Merwe Photographer cape town

Based in Cape Town, and catering for all your photographic needs, from weddings to wine bottles, and lectures to landscapes. 

Have browse through the galleries and blog to get an idea of the range of photographic problems I am up to solving, then contact me for a chat about how my services may be useful to you. From full bells and whistles wedding coverage, to finely crafted landscape prints, product photographs or private tutoring, I will commit myself with energy and excitement to  your commission.

Please get in touch with any questions regarding pricing, availability and bookings.

My Philosophy

Defining myself as a photographer is a little tricky, since I involve myself in it in many different ways, the complicated summary is as follows:

I am a student of photography: I am constantly trying to better understand how images speak to a viewer, and how those images are made. In particular I’m interested in how to unify the technical and creative processes that go into image making, and using them to create images that communicate eloquently to the viewer.

I am a teacher of photography: Control over the medium lays the groundwork for any photographic execution, and in my teaching I emphasise a process focused approach to photographic problem solving, which enables students to apply their skills to a wide range of subjects. I don’t believe in recipes, quick fixes, shortcuts, presets, or anything else that tries to turn photography into a follow-the-steps activity.

I am a working photographer: Whether working for clients, or shooting my own work, actually making images is what it’s all about. I always aim to make photographs that celebrate the subject, by unifying craft and concept in a way that brings out the best in whatever I photograph.

The simple explanation?

I’m a photography geek: I want to use the photographic medium to make pictures that look cool.